Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Hello all!!!

Oh dear, what has happened? I'm a manager. Crap.

I think I probably suck at this. I'm trying to be all nice and stuff, but I think employees don't really want that. They want you to give it to them straight.

I have one employee who doesn't bathe too often. My other worker bee is a stickler about hygiene.

Let's nick name them!!!

Let's see...employee one is very concerned with the world and everyone in it...everyone except my business, which is a corporate citizen. That's cool, corporations are evil, I know. But must you flirt with the brain-damaged customer on a 20 minute phone call when the phone are ringing off the hook and you customarily don't get anything else done? She's also kinda negative and internalizes every criticism no matter how gently delivered. Hmm..I think I got it...let's call her Granola.

Employee #2 is not too good at attendance. However, she is good at many other things and hiring her really opened my eyes to problems with Granola's performance and attitude. Let's call her Bee. She buzzes around the office and has a generally positive attitude.

Ok well that's enough for today. I have to get back to work. :) Yes even managers can't do whatever they want, even when their official title is President.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I hate sharing a car with my husband. He's not evil and I'm not whining but I always feel like I must stay home in case he needs the car or risk receiving an irate call stating that I'm getting in the way of his business or something.

I want to go to the library, I'd like to go the park. It would be nice to just drop in at my friend's house and I am planning to go to a meeting today at 4pm. This all is just fine when we each have a separate car, but when we're sharing, it's a nightmare. My perception is that all needs are then subordinated to what my husband wants. Soooooo irritating!!

I don't want to be dropped of here or there. I don't want to have to wait for a ride or depend on someone else. I want to be independent. I think I'll call a friend and rant. Man this is so depressing.